Fashion Trends: What to Expect in fashion for 2017

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This guest post was authored by Christine Rudolph

Fashion Trends: What to Expect for Fashion in 2017

This year has nearly ended. Everyone is preparing their new year’s resolutions and wishing that they will fulfill their life goals in the coming year. Just as the year is changing, fashion is changing along with it.

New Year comes with new trends in cuts, colors, accessories and dresses. Women who like to stay up to date on the latest trends are already looking forward to upgrading their wardrobes for the upcoming year.

To provide you with a guide on what you need to start your new year with a bang here is a list of trends that are expected to be seen in 2017.


The color pink, which is most associated with the female gender, is going to the rage in spring 2017. This was hinted through some designers’ works where the color pink was a major player on the runway.

More colors that are expected to be seen are bright red, mustard and neon green. Let go of the pastel colors for the next year and bring a touch of vibrancy with these eye-catching colors.

Glam Look

The shiny fabric and flashy colors from the 80’s are going to be a big hit next spring. The look comprises of extra puffy shoulders and has usually full sleeve dresses.

Ruffles are going to be a big part of the dresses too just like in the 80’s era. You can also wear ruffled off the shoulder tops, or full sleeved ruffle dresses if you are not a big fan of puffiness.


Unlike this year, we will be seeing a lot less floral prints. Instead, you would want to invest in stripes.

Either big bold stripes or the very intricate one which gives an illusion effect can be your pattern for the upcoming year.

It won’t just be limited to shirts and blouses, but in fact, you will be seeing a lot of striped pants and dresses with bold stripes.


As mentioned earlier, off the shoulder and one shoulder dresses are going to be more common the coming year.

Moreover, the sleeves are going to have slits and will reveal more wrists instead of the flared that were trending before.

Silhouette defining waist cinchers are also expected to be seen in normal fashion since this even gives a more curvy effect to any straight body.


We are now used to seeing people wearing casual jumpsuits, pajama dresses and slip on dresses. This 2017 you will be seeing robes making it big in fashion.

You don’t need a button up jacket, a robe styled coat is going to be the trend for winter wear. It is comfy and easy to wear. It works well for casual wear, or for a night out with friends.


During the last half of the year, there was a rising trend of choker necklaces. This trend will follow throughout 2017 and is not expected to fade away anytime soon.

While for a more edgy look, wear layers of jewelry instead of one. There is no particular tone for that, instead play around with colors to make your jewelry flashier.

Piercings are still going to be the rage with piercings on the nose and the upper ear. With the introduction of slits in the sleeves, bracelets are going to be more common, the chunkier the better.

All in all, 2017 is going to be a year for some major changes in the fashion industry. We will say goodbye to some of our fashion favorites, while some are going to be reminiscent of another time.

There is a lot to choose from but it all comes down to the styling sense of each individual. It is not necessary to follow each and every trend mentioned here, you may choose to follow only the ones that are more suited to your body type.

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I am Christine Rudolph, an enthusiastic dreamer and a workaholic to achieve that. Jack of All sometimes, want to do everything. I am blogger, writer, state level badminton player, technology freak and above all a responsible citizen wanting to save the environment even on her own. Currently, I am associated with Sophie & Trey, an online clothing boutique and a team of style conscious millennials. For all the updates follow me @RudolphBlogger and become friends @Facebook

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