Top 5 Creative Fashion Blogs to Follow

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If you’re into fashion, then you ought to know some of the hottest and most creative fashion blogs to follow so you can keep up with the latest and greatest styles.


There are hundreds of fashion blogs out there, but it’s difficult to keep up with a large amount. For starters, check out the following 5 creative fashion blogs that you can bookmark and begin following.

Go ahead and give yourself permission to try new styles, take some glam shots, and simply have fun!

1. Envision Pretty.

Envision Pretty: Fashion Blog To Follow

Photo Credit: Envision Pretty

Danielle Cheever is just the kind of woman you would want taking care of all of your styling needs, as well as any other decorative needs you may have. She not only covers fashion on her blog, but home décor and DIY projects as well.

2. Song of Style.

Song of Style: Fashion Blogs to Follow

Photo Credit: Song of Style

Aimee Song has created this online lookbook, which is well-known for its fabulous images of stylish fashion that will make you want to post many images to Pinterest. She used many hot LA backdrops and some exotic locales as well.

3. MyBelonging.

My Belonging : Fashion Blogs To Follow

Photo Credit: My Belonging

Tommy Lei has created this wonderful men’s fashion blog with a plethora of images, ideas for style, and personal narration of his LA fashion scene experiences. Tommy tends to love eccentric, yet laid back style, and has quite a following when it comes to fashion.

4. JazziMcG.

Jazzimcg: Fashion Blogs to Follow

Photo Credit: Jazzi McG

Here you will find a fashion bible created by JazziMcGilbert. Jazzi is known for her expertise in the fashion community and has put together a wonderful lookbook that not only has gorgeous images, but also tidbits about her thrifting adventures and how she can use her creativity to build fashion masterpieces. She shares some hot thrift-shopping spots in LA and designates the Westside as “particularly fun”.

5. Lady a La Mode.

Lady a La Mode: Fashion Blogs to Follow

Photo Credit: Lady a La Mode

Old school-meets-new-school here at Lady a La Mode. Caitie, who regularly blogs on the site, has the ability to combine vintage with modern and have heads turning all over the place. She’s also cost cost-conscious, which readers love.

Go ahead and bookmark these fashion blogs and become a regular reader. Don’t hesitate to leave feedback and give your fashion tips as well.

As you become more fashion oriented, you will find yourself feeling more confident and simply having fun while you are out and about coordinating your outfits. You’re worth it, so go ahead and indulge in some fashion blogs today.

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