Super Cute July 4th Manicures You’re Sure to Love

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Manicure Ideas for July 4th

One of my favorite things about living in Hawaii is that I’m constantly exposed to some really beautiful manicures and pedicures. Tourism accounts for a large portion of Hawaii’s economy, and many of the tourists I encounter want to look their best when enjoying a holiday.

Recently a woman noticed my manicure and remarked, somewhat wistfully, that she wished she shared my brave individuality as it pertains to selecting nail polish colors. That’s when I stopped and asked her what caused her hesitation. She’s an adult, after all, she can wear any ole nail color she desires – it’s kind of a right as a grown-up.

This July 4th, celebrate your own individual freedom by donning some fun, fancy, and patriotic nails. With this most celebrated holiday right around the corner, I’m seeing so many amazing nail polish ideas that I just couldn’t help but share some of these awesome looks with you!

Here’s a few suggestions if you’re stuck for ideas.

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes for July 4th Manicures

Of course it wouldn’t be a celebration of Independence Day if there wasn’t some variation on the American flag. Stylist shows off a cute manicure that not only pays homage to Ole Glory, but also shows off the talents of a very steady hand.

A base coat of cherry red, followed by a careful striping of white creates a bold backing for the blue accent nail and perfectly placed silver glitter stars.

Pinterest User Natalie Diver shows off her own stars and stripes nails with careful dots, stripes, and a bold white star. I really like her creativity and variety!

Even BuzzFeed has gotten into the manicure mix by suggesting adorable flags in place of a classic French tip. Whether you achieve this look with a dotting tool or a toothpick, it’s sure to get some appreciative stares.

Not all stars and stripes manicures need to be glittery and glossy to get noticed. Amature Manicure shows how a topcoat of matte polish can really make the stars shine.

Red, White, and Blue

Red White and Blue July 4th Manicures

This manicure suggested by Peachy Polish is a personal favorite of mine. It not only combines the traditional red, white and blue associated with July 4th festivities, it does so in a way that can last throughout the entire month. I sure do like a look that lasts!

Plus it’s simple. Really. Just apply a base coat of white, glob on some random swipes of blue and red polish, then dab a wad of saran wrap across your wet nails to achieve a free-form tie-dye effect.

Water marbling looks best when using bold, bright, contrasting colors, which is why red, white, and blue works so well in this look demonstrated by Surf and Sunshine. Adding in a few dots of silver as accents (or to hide flaws) really makes this manicure something special.

Just be sure to use a good top coat to maintain the manicure as long as possible. Sure, water marbling takes some practice and patience – especially if you want to achieve a uniform look as demonstrated by Polish Sickness – but the ultimate effect is totally worth the effort.

Like the idea of red, white, and blue, but want something a little more defined and crisp? Look no further than this glittery chevron manicure found at Luckymag. This simple, yet glamorous look is easy to achieve with some carefully applied strips of tape to keep your blocks of color crisp.

Simple Color Blocks With Glitter Accents

July 4th Glitter Accent Manicure Ideas

My Fashion Cents shows just how simple and easy it is to attain a beautiful patriotic manicure without breaking the bank. Simply paint 8 of your 10 fingers in red, and 2 accent nails in blue. Once your nails are dry you can apply silver (or white) glitter to the tips using a mostly dry brush, or cosmetic sponge.

Gotham Polish shows a similar technique with a base coat of white, followed by an hombre application of red, silver, and blue glitter to the tips of the nails. This look is adorable, and versatile. Do every nail like this, or save the glitter for the accent nail (as seen at Jessica’s Nail Tales), you’re limited only by your imagination!

If you really want to go for the gusto, apply your glittery accents in the form of a bursting firework as demonstrated by Pinterest user, Mallory Stinson!

Simple Patriotism

Sometimes less is more, and the same could be said for understated patriotism. Like this elegant manicure from Beauty High. A simple accent nail in red, white, and blue, adds a lovely contrast to a set of royal blue nails.

Faith Spa and Nails shows off this other simple manicure that consists of a simple French tip in alternating red, white, and blue, with an accent stripe of silver glitter to add continuity to the variety of this adorable manicure.

Show off your spirit fingers! If you’re sporting a July 4th manicure post it to our Facebook page or give us a shoutout on Twitter!

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