Super-Cute Holiday Manicures You Can Do Yourself

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Pretty sure it’s common knowledge by now that I am a nail polish addict. I especially love the holidays because it’s the perfect time to sport an adorable manicure, or several different manicures depending on my social calendar.

Every outfit needs different accessories, and nail polish is my accessory of choice. Whether you’re heading off to a glamorous holiday gala, or a cozy gathering with your closest pals, each of these simple manicure ideas is easy enough to accomplish on your own.

Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

Snowman Nail Art


Still haven’t gotten your fill of Olaf and every other nanosecond of Frozen? Me neither. This manicure is sure to melt the hearts of even your chilliest of chums, and it’s super simple to do too.

All you need is a frosty pink base layer that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Then a wobbly application of white polish becomes Olaf’s body, a dab of orange becomes his nose and a black polish with a fine-tipped brush completes the details.

Elegant Glitter Tips

Elegant Glitter Tips Nail Art


As classy and snazzy as this manicure looks, it’s actually quite simple to replicate in your very own home, on your very own nails. All you need is a nice bright red polish, and a gold glitter polish swept across the tips.

Apply a couple coats of red polish across your entire nail, and allow this to dry completely before applying the gold tips. The secret getting a perfect tip is to hold the applicator still while slowly rolling your finger across the tip of the brush.

If you’re really picky about an even application on each nail you can also buy French tip guides which are easy to use and remove. This versatile manicure can be worn year round, simply change the color combination to suit the occasion and you’re ready for any celebration.

Sweet As Candy

Sweet as Candy Nail Art


This manicure is every bit as adorable as it is simple to create. Paint all but one of your fingers a glossy red, saving one finger to act as your accent nail. For the accent nail, simply paint a matte white base and allow it to dry completely before adding a few strips of tape across your nail.

For a more authentic look of candy stripes, cut your tape in uneven widths, and don’t be too careful about placement. Part of the fun of a candy cane is the natural variation in the candy stripes after all.

Once you’ve got your tape applied, then you can paint a layer of candy red. Remove the tape and you’re left with a cute accent nail reminiscent of a tasty holiday treat.

Always remember to keep your manicure looking tidy and fresh with a clear top coat which will not only smooth out imperfections, it will protect your polish from chipping and flaking.

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