Simple New Years Manicures You Can Do Yourself

posted by Gurki B on 31 Dec 2014 0 Comments

New Years eve is just around the corner, ladies, it’s time to ditch that tired Santa-themed manicure for something a little more glitzy and glamorous. I know, you’re broke after all that gift-shopping.

Simple DIY Manicures for New Years

That’s why I found these simple manicures you can do at home. Just because your wallet’s busted doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re busted, too.

Glitter Tips

Glitter Tips are pretty much a party staple all year round. Depending on the color scheme you choose you’re good to go for any celebration the whole year through.

New Years generally calls for full glitz, which means silver or gold glitter tips over an elegant base color.

Whether you prefer something modest like a pale, creamy pink as your base coat, or something more dramatic like an inky black, you really can’t go wrong with a metallic glitter swept across the tips of your nails.

Glitter Fade

A fun spin on the traditional glitter tip, the glitter fade only looks difficult.

Really all you need to pull it off is a base coat of black polish. Then, with the help of a sponge-style make-up wedge, you can dab on a bit of glitter polish.

Concentrate the heaviest application of glitter at the very tips of your nails, gradually using a lighter touch as you move towards the base of the nail.

Part of the fun of this manicure is perfection isn’t exactly a requirement. Experiment with a variety of application techniques until you find one that you like best.

Lazy Glitter

I’m not ashamed to admit I call upon this method of application pretty often. Okay, at least one day out of each week. Who can blame me, it’s just so easy to do and looks so awesome when done!

A base coat of polish, topped with a glitter polish in a contrasting color. Easy peasy. Each layer of glitter polish builds up the effect, so don’t be afraid to play around until you land on a look you love.

Glitter Moons

Some of the most elegant manicures require the most basic equipment.

A base coat of a lovely metallic polish, notebook paper reinforcements (found in the school supply section), and a top coat in the contrasting color of your choice makes for a lovely manicure reminiscent of pinup glam.

The notebook paper reinforcements act as a simple, efficient, and cost-effective stencil that shapes the base of your nail into the perfect moon.

Just be sure to remove your guides carefully after applying your top coat to avoid messing up your pristine line.

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