Bizarre Trends from New York Fashion Week 2015

Trends from New York Fashion Week can be inspiring as well as bizarre. Most of us can’t help but love them because it encourages a spirit of individuality and personal expression.

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Simple DIY Manicures for New Years

Simple New Years Manicures You Can Do Yourself

If you are looking for some inspiration for New Years Manicures, here are some great ideas you can incorporate into your style this year!

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Signs of Premature Aging in Women

Important Signs of Premature Aging in Women

Natural aging is something that every woman expects to have. But premature aging, not so much. Here are some important signs of premature aging in women.

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Top Five Beauty Tips to Look Your Best

Although we don’t have control over aging, but we can certainly control our looks. Check out these five beauty tips to look your best and feel younger without going under the knife.

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Elegant Glitter Tips Nail Art

Super-Cute Holiday Manicures You Can Do Yourself

As the holiday season arrives, holiday manicures become one of the hot accessory with every outfit. Here are some super cute holiday manicures you can do yourself.

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A Little Something Mum's Guide

Mums Guide: How to Dress up for a Party?

Moms cook, clean and are just naturally good at everything. When such super-moms decide to go for a party, they normally wonder how to dress up for a party. Here’s some help!

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Should you hire a wedding planner

Can A Wedding Planner Really Ruin Your Wedding?

Can a wedding planner really ruin your wedding? Answer is in how you make your choice. Find out how to find the right wedding planner and make your wedding a memorable event.

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How to be the best bridesmaid

How to Be the Best Bridesmaid

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, being a bridesmaid is a great honor and should be taken seriously. How to be the best bridesmaid is something one can learn.

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How to dress an outfit up

7 Effortless Ways to Dress an Outfit Up

It’s usually not too tough to dress an outfit down, but dressing up can sometimes be a bit more of a challenge. These effortless ways to dress an outfit up are worth checking out.

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Real Holiday Fashion Advice

Friend to Friend – Real Holiday Fashion Advice

Many people need to face the truth and get some real holiday fashion advice. Lot of fashion outfits and accessories you may think are in style, well think again!

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Simple ways to recharge your mind, body and spirit

5 Simple Ways to Recharge Your Body, Mind and Spirit

These simple ways to recharge your body, mind and spirit may help you from falling into a rut of winter and feeling rundown, sluggish, and foggy-brained.

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Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices

The Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are still regarded today as some of the most potent healing agents known. Here are some more health benefits of herbs and spices.

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