Mums Guide: How to Dress up for a Party?

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Mothers have the super power of being perfect at whatever they do. They cook, clean and are just naturally good at everything. When such super-moms decide to go for a party, they normally face a hard time deciding what they should wear or if the dress is a little too much for them?

The busy moms hardly get time to spend on themselves and go to a nice party. We understand once you become a mother, how pre-occupied you get with your kids, your house chores and if you’re a working mother then there’s a lot on your mind than dressing up for party.

We know how hard dressing up for a party can be and maybe because of this very reason you tend to avoid parties. With just some easy styling with some very reasonable outfit ideas you don’t really have to think about much.

1. A little something

A Little Something Mum's Guide

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Who said the little dresses are only for young girls, moms can as effortlessly pull off little fit and flare dresses. Take inspiration from celebrity moms like, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie, Beyoncé and Miranda Kerr who love flaunting their little ensembles.

For a party with friends it’s a good idea to let your LBDs, LWDs, LRDs do the trick. If you’re a little hesitant wearing a small dress, pair it with your basic leggings and the right heels to go with your dress.

If you think the dress draws too much attention keep the cuts and necklines elegant. A halter neck or long sleeves can just add the right amount of mom-appropriate element to your dress.
Keep a bit of blush and some dark lip color in your make up and a loose or messy bun for your look to be completed.

2. Party in the Gardens

Party in the gardens


When you have a little evening party in one of your friend’s garden then you need something that gives off a soothing and refreshing vibe. A midi dress in floral print is something every mommy should own.

A nice floral print dress in bold colors is something you can effortlessly dress up or down. Style your hair in a fish tail braid or let them flow, some delicate jewels and a tote bag that can carry all your stuff.

For a mommy, it is very important to have a bag that can carry everything she might need in case of emergencies. Your nude pumps should be comfy enough to help you walk and if needed run after your baby.

3. Regally formal

Regally Formal

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When you have to attend a big party or some very special occasion, don’t waste your time thinking about an excuse for not going to this big party. Rather than that, spend your time on deciding what you will wear and what color goes with the theme.

Big parties are all about gowns or maxi dresses, a lace dress or a beautiful spaghetti strap dress is all you need for such occasions. Empire waistlines or off-the-shoulder dresses are all in trend so you can wear all you want.

Just choose the colors according to the occasion, festive occasions like wedding can all be brightened up with bright or jewel tones. You can accessorize your look with statement jewels and some elegant hairstyles and other accessories.

When you’re a mother you have a lot of things on your mind and this results in ignoring the dressing up part for parties or special occasions.

There is a lot you can do with these easy dress up ideas. Just choose the right kind of dress, make yourself pretty with a little makeup and accessories and you’re ready to go.

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  • Hi Gurkamal, I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. The variety of blog posts keeps me coming back for more. I particularly related to this article as my wife (over 40) is always concerned about how much she reveals when going out on the town. I definitely love the ‘Little Something’ over anything more formal. I’ll send her over to your site so she can get a better idea when considering a clubwear and a mini dress. Thanks.

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