Minimalist Guide to Perfect Holiday Makeup

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This post was guest authored by Sophia Smith

Minimalist Guide to Perfect Holiday Makeup

While the holiday season can be quite stressful because there’s too much of everything – decoration, presents, food, etc. – this doesn’t have to apply to your holiday makeup routine as well.

The minimalist approach is the exact opposite of this – it’s possible to look stunning with just a few makeup products, as long as you prep your skin properly.

Minimalist Guide to Perfect Holiday Makeup

Before putting any makeup on, your skin must be perfectly clean and that’s why gentle facial cleanser and lukewarm water are the first steps.

Exfoliate with a scrub afterward, apply a serum to make your skin look dewy and radiant, and then proceed with a moisturizer.

Don’t forget about sun protection as well – regardless of the weather conditions, sun rays are always harmful so some kind of SPF is a must.

Kill two birds with one stone, and opt for Alpha H moisturizer that has an SPF 30+. Finish off with a silicone-based skin primer to fill fine lines and wrinkles and you’re ready to go minimal on makeup.

Three steps to perfection

Once you prep your skin correctly, only three products will be enough to create an adorable holiday look. For instance, it’s amazing what bronzer, eyeliner, and good lipstick can do.

Minimalists like multipurpose products and in this case, you can use lipstick as a blush – just pat it on the cheeks with your fingers and blend it out with a brush.

Three Steps to Perfection

Bronzer makes the skin glow but it can double as an eyeshadow and lipstick, too. Define the eyes with eyeliner and that’s it.

Adjust the shades of products to your skin tone et voilà – you’ll get that natural yet dewy look perfect for holidays.

Opt for classic

Women used to wear makeup ages before contouring, strobing, and all those complicated techniques. Simple products, tools, and techniques can look just as beautiful, claim minimalist makeup experts.

Get a good eye shadow palette and you can make it multipurpose once again. Besides your eyes, eye shadow can define your eyebrows as well; just make sure you get the colour right.

Opt for Classic

Add a fine line of winged eyeliner and a bold shade of red lipstick and you got yourself a nice holiday look that can match any outfit and occasion.

What’s even better, you’re free to go overboard on statement pieces of clothing and jewellery when you keep it minimal in the head sector.

Ode to Audrey

If you ever searched the term “cut crease” on Youtube, you’ve probably stumbled upon thousands of complicated tutorials.

However, cut crease technique can be adapted into minimalist approach as well, especially if you opt for a less dramatic version, making your eyes look soft and smokey.

It’s a great way to accentuate your eyes by making the most of the crease on your eyelids. Again, you’ll need an eye shadow palette and two brushes – crease and blending brush.

Ode to Audrey

There are just two simple steps in this process – first, you place a grey shadow along the crease and then blend it of fusing a mid-brown tone.

Repeat this until you’re satisfied with your look; add glamorous cat eyes and you’ll successfully recreate the Audrey Hepburn famous look.

Going minimal on makeup is not only a great way to look stunning effortlessly, but it’s also good when it comes to saving money and time.

Since that’s something most women lack, minimalist makeup might be a perfect solution for you.

For starters, try some of this holiday looks and see for yourself – it’s possible to look amazing with a capsule makeup bag as long as you maintain high-quality skin care.

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