Makeup Mistakes that Every Woman Should Avoid

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Makeup Mistakes That Every Woman Should Avoid

Many women love to wear makeup, as it can help you feel a bit more beautiful and sexy at the same. It may also help boost your self-esteem. Whether you only wear foundation or go all out with playing up your eyes, lips, cheeks, and eyebrows, makeup can be a pretty big part of women’s lives. Makeup is fun, but you want to be sure that you avoid makeup mistakes.

Lip liner.

Most beauty experts will advise women not to wear lip liner. Although the use of lip liner has drastically subsided over the years, it is still one of the biggest makeup mistakes today.

Some women feel that lip liner defines their lips in an attractive way or gives the illusion that their lips are fuller than they really are. Lip liner actually does the opposite.

Instead of defining your lips by drawing an outline, try choosing a shade of lip color that you can apply all over your lips instead of inside the lines.

Drawn eyebrows.

This is another mistake a woman can make today regarding makeup. Understandably, there are women who have either thin or very light colored eyebrows that can cause them to feel as if they need to be darkened.

Instead of grabbing your eye liner pen or choosing a dark shade of eye shadow to fill in your eye brows, let them grow out of have them waxed in a way that gives the illusion that they are thicker. Also, there is special brow powder you can use to darken super light eyebrows.

“The Cleopatra look.”

I am sure that plenty of you have seen women with eyeliner that extends way past the eye. This is called the “cat” or “Cleopatra” look and you might want to avoid this.

Granted, some women do a slight cat or Cleopatra eye which is fine if it is subtle. When drawing your eyeliner, slightly slant the line upwards but avoid slanting too much.

Make sure your mascara is not clumpy.

Plenty of women love the idea of their eyelashes appearing long and thick. However, applying mascara can be either beautiful or demising if done in the wrong way.

The best way to apply mascara would be to clear the wand of any excess clumps, start from the bottom, and sweep upwards until a thin layer is clear. If clumps do arise, simply run the wand over your eyelashes again to remove the clump.

Too much foundation.

Too much foundation applied to your skin is not only unappealing, it is also very unhealthy for your skin. Of course, foundation can be considered a necessity if you struggle with acne or fine lines on your skin in which case certain precautions should be taken.

If you struggle with fine lines on your skin and your foundation tends to hide in the cracks, mix your foundation with a moisturizer. Mineral foundation works best for skin with acne and looks almost like real skin.

Take these tips into consideration the next time you apply your makeup and have fun experimenting with various looks and shades of color. Who says you always have to wear the same shade or do your makeup the same way you’ve done it for years. Play around with it and have fun, but avoid these most common makeup mistakes.

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