Important Signs of Premature Aging in Women

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Natural aging is something that every woman expects to have. In fact, sitting in a rocking chair at 70 years old wearing the expected wrinkles while grandchildren play around the yard, that is a scene women smile over.

Signs of Premature Aging in Women

What they do not expect, however, is starting to age before they hit 35. Premature aging is something that no woman expects, but sometimes have to deal with.

In order to fix the problem before it goes too far, there are several signs of premature aging that women should be on the lookout for.

Losing the Glow

One of the biggest fears that comes along with aging is losing the skin’s natural glow. If women look into the mirror and start to notice their skin seems to be gray or dull, it can be a sign of premature aging.

Things such as smoking, consistent drinking, or poor dietary habits can cause the skin to become dull and lifeless. If these habits continue, the damage to the skin will only get worse with time.

Your skin is easily effected by the overall health of your body, so taking good care of yourself will reflect a growing, bright complexion. Using a good moisturizer or skin cream can really work wonders for dull skin, as well as consuming a healthy diet and spending time exercising.

Stressing About Stress

Stress does not just rattle the nerves, it rattles the skin as well. Constant stress causes wrinkles as well as dark circles beneath the eyes. The worst thing women can do is continue a stressful lifestyle once these side effects show up.

You might get frown lines or crow’s feet if you’ve lived a stressful lifestyle for many years, held a high-pressure job, or just never get a break from your demanding schedule. While we can’t always ward off the stressors in life, there are a few things you can do to reduce unnecessary stress levels.

Try and take the time to have a daily relaxation or meditation time. A nice hot bath, yoga, or even an evening walk can assist in stress relief. Also, using a stress relief cream or under eye treatments during your bedtime routine can help as well.

A Little Blurry

Even in your 30s and 40s, you might start to experience blurry vision, especially when looking at things close up. When women notice their eyesight is diminishing, it can be a huge sign of premature aging. If you have never worn glasses or contacts before, it might be time to give your eyes a little extra help.

According to professionals, glasses, contacts, and corrective surgery can do a lot to reduce the amount of stress on your eyes. After you have met with an eye doctor to correct any blurriness or diminishing eyesight, there are a few lifestyle changes that can keep your eyesight from experiencing further damage.

Reading in adequate lighting, and reducing the amount of time you spend in front of a TV or computer screen can help give your eyes the rest they need. Also, remember to spend some time outside, because even eyes need fresh air.

Unusual Hair Loss

If women find that there is more hair in the hairbrush than usual, it could be a sign of premature balding. A bit of hair here or there is normal, but if hair is constantly coming out, or if a lot is coming out in the shower, then it could be more serious.

Stress can be a contributing factor to hair loss, so following the steps above for stress relief will help to fight against excessive hair loss. Healthy dietary habits assist with hair growth as well, so you can eat foods that contain biotin, fatty acids, and iron to see an improvement in hair growth.

Low Energy Levels

As you age, you’ll get tired more easily, but by remaining active you can stay in shape and avoid a lack of energy. However, if you’ve experienced a dramatic difference in your energy levels, this could be a sign of premature aging.

Achy or painful joints that hurt more the usual can be an early aging sign as well. Do not give up on exercise, but do not overwork it either. Exercise keeps the body healthy, but overworking can be damaging to tired joints and drain your energy levels even faster.

Women who feel they are having premature pain in their joints should talk to their doctor about good exercise options as well as treatments that will prevent further damage.

Premature aging can be a scary thing, but it does not have to win. If women take the proper precautions and keep a look out for signs, they can conquer aging effects before they take over.

As you strive to improve your overall health, you will notice that your body is better equipped to handle the effects of early aging. To fully fend off premature aging, you might need to speak with your doctor and make adjustments that will keep your specific symptoms in check.

As you work with your doctor and make lifestyle changes, you’ll be able to ward off any unwanted signs of premature aging, and enjoy good health for years to come.

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