Hair Care Tips: How to Treat and Avoid Frizzy Hair

posted by Gurki B on 4 Jul 2014 1 Comment

I’m sure you’ve had to contend with frizzy hair every once in a while. If not, kudos to you. Frizzy hair can be a nightmare and when you feel like you have no defense against it, it can be quite disheartening.

Frizzy hair is an outcome of dry, dead hair that does not contain moisture anymore. Moisture can easily disintegrate if you blow dry, curl, or straighten your hair on a daily basis, and plenty of us do.

Let’s face it: Our hair just doesn’t dry in the perfect shape we’d like it to after the shower. Therefore, it is important to have a couple of good anti-frizz products and tips on how to take that frizz and settle it down.

Stop blow drying

This is a hard thing for women to do because it is almost impossible to style hair when it is wet and it takes a while for hair to air dry. Blow drying not only dries your wet hair, it dries up any moisture that your hair has naturally produced, causing it to become dry and frizzy.

Instead of blow drying your hair after a shower in the morning, try washing your hair at night and letting it air dry before the morning. Then your hair will already be dry before you style it. You could also try washing your hair every 2-3 days to keep moisture in your hair.

Use an anti-frizz serum

How to treat and avoid frizzy hair

There are plenty of anti-frizz serums on the market today that are created especially for frizzy hair and strive to keep the moisture present at all times.

Anti-frizz serums are perfect for those of you who want to continue blow drying, curling, or straightening your hair on a regular basis without completely killing your locks.

When you begin searching for an anti-frizz serum for you, you might have to try a couple of different kinds to see what works best for your hair texture.

Protein is helpful

Your whole body needs certain nutrients in order to function properly and this goes for your hair as well. Your hair needs certain nutrients in order to stay hydrated, moisturized, and healthy.

The best nutrients for your hair is the protein in keratin. There are plenty of foods you can consume that will provide your body with these nutrients or there are daily vitamins you can take.

By taking a keratin or protein vitamin every day, you are getting your hair strands the adequate nutrients necessary for optimal hair health.

Also, drinking plenty of water will keep your body (and hair) hydrated. After all, most of your body is made up of water anyway.

Use apple cider vinegar

Believe it or not, apple cider vinegar does a great job at calming frizz due to the acidic nature. Simply wash your hair, pour the vinegar over your hair and let it soak in about 30 seconds. Then rinse with cool water and condition as necessary. You may dilute the vinegar if the smell is too harsh for you.

The frizzy hair of the 80’s is long gone, so in order to keep your hair shiny and healthy, you must make some changes.

These changes, however, will be exactly what your hair needs to look and feel its best. Try each of these tips mentioned above and you will soon notice that your hair is less frizzy and more luscious and shiny.

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  • Sherry Keef said on

    My hair tends to get frizzed especially in the humidity. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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