Fashion Tips: Accessorize While You Can

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Accessorizing the right way may not work for everyone; it is an art very few master. There are a few simple rules which you have to keep in mind while accessorizing.

What matters most is how you can think of styling your looks without looking too much accessorized. Accessories have the power to turn a boring look to glamorous or ruining an otherwise fabulous look.

Not every outfit needs a necklace; some nice earrings are enough for completing a particular look. Similarly, you don’t have to wear every piece of jewelry and taking other equally fancy accessories like bags or shoes.

Simple Rules to accessorize:

  • If you are wearing a statement necklace, you should opt for less bold earring. An eye catching statement necklace needs small studs and delicate or no bracelet at all.
  • Your accessories draw attention to areas where you wear them, don’t wear accessories if you don’t want attention over a particular area.
  • Over-accessorizing can hurt the eyes of those who will see you bejeweled like a Christmas tree.
  • Wear trendy accessories or don’t wear them at all. There is a difference between vintage and outdated.
  • When you’re confused about accessories, start with your shoes. This is a known trick by stylist because there’s nothing a pair of shoes can’t fix.

Keep your jewels cool:

Cool Jewels to Accessorize Right

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You should own a lot of accessories specially necklaces and earrings. They are the jewels that can transform your looks with their fancy charm.

Trending these days are layers of different necklaces. You can layer different chain necklaces of different lengths and styles. Whenever you’re wearing any necklace keep your dress’s neckline in mind.

Use necklace as hair accessory

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You can use your necklace as a hair accessory too. Yes, like that seen in Great Gatsby, a beaded necklace or something long enough to be worn around your head can work for that.

Earrings as accessory

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When you choose earrings to go with a certain look, we suggest you omit the necklace and keep the bling to your ears only. Wearing geometrical or other statement earrings with an understated outfit can transform your entire look.

Multiple Piercings

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If you have more than a single ear piercing than choose your other ear accessories wisely. You can wear a big chunky pair of earring or a comparatively bigger stud in the lower most piercing while keeping the rest with tiny studs.

Accessorize with bracelets and rings

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Bracelets and rings are something to dress up your hands. You can wear a single bling piece or layer with a number of different bracelets and rings altogether. When choosing to wear more than one bracelet, you should keep in my mind what color theme you are following and you should not wear a lot of big bracelets together. If wearing gold and silvers in your bracelets, you can add a punch of color by colorful elastic bracelets

accessorize with rings

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As for rings, don’t wear them in all your fingers unless you’re a rapper or just trying to wear all your rings on one day. If wearing a big ring don’t go for anymore. However we suggest you wear more than one and all delicate and simple.

Choosing the rest:

Apart from jewelry there are other accessories that are equally important for your looks like: bags, shoes, belts and scarves. When choosing these keep in mind your silhouette and your outfit. The colors and their type should go along with your over all look.

Wearing belts is not a good idea for everyone. If you have a chubby body shape, choose your belts very carefully.

Your shoes are the most important accessory because this is where all attention is drawn to. You can’t just wear any pair of shoes over a formal outfit. Similarly, you cannot wear fancy shoes with your casual looks.

Accessorizing requires not just accessories but the style sense that will help you choose the right piece to make you look great rather than a disaster. Keep an eye on the latest trends and always keep hunting for good accessories because there is no such thing as enough when it comes to these magical pieces.

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