Fashion Myths Mommies Need to Break Now

posted by Gurki B on 27 Oct 2014 0 Comments

Although, there is no certain rulebook for fashion but we all somehow limit ourselves to certain boundaries or to old myths. Some of these myths may have some authenticity in them but there are many fashion myths that are just meant to be broken.

The myth that says, everything looks good in black; thus, making some plus size women wear black all year round, is nothing but mere words.

We get that black, has the quality to make things look flatter and slimmer, but black is not the only color. Almost every dark color has this super power to hide what is not needed to be shown.

Not just that, certain light color, even white, has proved to be a flattening color at times. Like this, “wear only black if you’re fat,” rule there are many other rules plus size women, or our super-moms follow.

We think it is about time that we leave these myths behind and dress the way we like. I bet, by the time all you mommies will get done reading this, they will be saying, “I have been doing fashion wrong all this time.”

1. Say No to Stripes

Stripes for Moms

I don’t know where this myth came from but this certainly had stopped mommies or curvy women from wearing stripes. Even if some of them wear stripes they opt for vertical ones. Why? Their minds have been fed with words like, “horizontal stripes make you look chubbier.”

Ok, mommy, you don’t have to listen to that. The only thing you should not wear is a grumpy mom’s face. You can wear the stripes and horizontal ones too. All you have to do is wear them in a way that they give an illusion of a toned down body.

If you’re wearing stripes, just look out for the ones that are not thick or broad. The distance between one stripe to another matters too. Make sure they are not to close and even if they are they are not broad at all.

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