Fall Fashion: Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Leggings

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fall fashion dos and donts of leggings

Ah, leggings! One of the reasons I love Fall and Winter so much. I am sure (almost) every woman owns a pair of leggings that she looks forward to wear when its time.

I mean, they allow me to wear my oversized long shirts and short dresses that I will otherwise have to think twice before putting them on. They are forgiving which is perfect for someone like me, when it comes to stuffing my face when eating holiday meals.

I also love them because they work so well when I have to travel. They don’t wrinkle and are comfortable to sit in during flights and long car rides. Although versatile, there are a few rules to follow when wearing leggings.

Here are some do’s and don’ts of wearing leggings.

fall fashion dos and donts of leggings

DON’T pair your leggings with a tight top: Wearing tighter tops with your tight leggings can give an inexpensive appearance to your outfit. Keep the balance by pairing your leggings with flowy tops that won’t cling. It is also a great time to break out your oversized shirts, sweaters, and jackets.

DO wear longer shirts: wearing longer shirts or short dresses creates the most flattering look. When choosing a shirt to wear, aim for a length that hits below where a zipper would be and above the middle of your thigh. By keeping the waistband hidden it won’t be as evident to others that your don’t have a zipper and pockets. Tunics and shirt dresses, like this buffalo print button dress, are a great choice.

fall fashion dos and donts of leggings

DON’T wear transparent leggings: Do I even need to explain this one? We have all seen how unappealing transparent leggings can be when worn as pants. To insure that you do not have a wardrobe malfunction moment, leggings should be thick and opaque so that only you know what’s going on underneath. Test your leggings by stretching the fabric and looking through a light to see how transparent the material really is. When shopping online, leggings that are fleece lined tend to be thicker and more opaque.

DO layer, layer, layer: Most pulled together looks using leggings are layered beautifully. Wear a longer flowy shirt with an open cardigan or a oversized t-shirt with a kimono. Layering will not only open up many outfit possibilities but make your leggings look more intentional. When choosing layers, choose a variety of colors and textures. Because your lower half is held in and tight you can balance it out with more chunky oversized layers on top.

fall fashion dos and donts of leggings

DON’T wear skin tone or light colored leggings: Skin tones and lightly colored leggings are not only often transparent, they are also unflattering, which is the opposite goal here. Leggings that are skin tone color (whether they match your own skin tone or not) can be easily mistaken as bare legs.

fall fashion dos and donts of leggings

DO wear patterned leggings: Patterned leggings can add some fun to your wardrobe. When wearing patterned leggings you can really go for color but choose a pattern that is grounded by darker colors or has a dark background color. Pair with neutral tops and shoes for a sophisticated look.

fall fashion dos and donts of leggings

DON’T wear leggings that are too small or too large: Leggings that fit small can often give a transparent appearance. Leggings that are too tight can also create an unflattering “muffin top” on the waist that was never there to begin with. And too tight usually is pretty uncomfortable, which why even bother with leggings then? On the contrary, leggings that are too large can create unnecessary bunching around the bottom and waistline. The perfect leggings will fit over your waist to create a smooth transition from your waist to your hips. Go for a higher waist when choosing leggings.

DO dress for the season: Leggings are a great option for the fall and winter because they pair so well with sweaters and coats. They also tuck into boots easily and look sleek when worn with booties. Leggings with a little sheen can even look a little more dressed up. Consider sequined leggings or leather leggings for your upcoming holiday occasions.

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