Halter Maxi Dresses

Spring Fashion: Cute and Casual Spring Dresses

Are you ready for Spring? Here are some cute and casual spring dresses that will make your days a little brighter and bolder.

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Super cute handbags under 100

10 Cute Spring Handbags under $100

Now that Spring is here, why not checkout some cool handbags. Here are 10 cute Spring Handbags under $100 that are not only stylish, chic and trendy but also inexpensive.

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Vintage and Designer Handbags on Etsy

Vintage and Designer Handbags Under $100

If you are looking for vintage and designer handbags under $100, what other place to look for than Etsy. Checkout some of their awesome shops and the deals.

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Bizarre Trends from New York Fashion Week 2015

Bizarre Trends from New York Fashion Week

Trends from New York Fashion Week can be inspiring as well as bizarre. Most of us can’t help but love them because it encourages a spirit of individuality and personal expression.

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A Little Something Mum's Guide

Mums Guide: How to Dress up for a Party?

Moms cook, clean and are just naturally good at everything. When such super-moms decide to go for a party, they normally wonder how to dress up for a party. Here’s some help!

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How to dress an outfit up

7 Effortless Ways to Dress an Outfit Up

It’s usually not too tough to dress an outfit down, but dressing up can sometimes be a bit more of a challenge. These effortless ways to dress an outfit up are worth checking out.

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Real Holiday Fashion Advice

Friend to Friend – Real Holiday Fashion Advice

Many people need to face the truth and get some real holiday fashion advice. Lot of fashion outfits and accessories you may think are in style, well think again!

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Winter Fashion: Must Have Winter Outfits

Winter Fashion: Must Have Winter Outfits for Women

Even if you are not ready, winter will be here for several months. Why not get ready for winter in style. These must have winter outfits will keep you warm in style.

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how to get the perfect manicure at home

How to Get the Perfect Manicure at Home

Getting your nails done at the salon every time you need a manicure can be quite pricey. These useful tips can help you get a perfect manicure at home.

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Stripes for Moms

Fashion Myths Mommies Need to Break Now

There are many fashion myths mommies need to break now, including, wearing black all year round for plus size women. See what other myths that need to break.

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Cute Summer Maternity Outfits

What to Wear to Your Maternity Photo Shoot

Wondering what to wear to your maternity photo shoot. Make sure you wear clothing that is not only comfortable but also stylish. Do not forget to accessorize accordingly.

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Christmas and Holiday Party Outfits

Holidays and Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Christmas is almost here. If you have to go to lots of Holiday parties, here are some great Holiday and Christmas Party Outfit Ideas. Have a great Holiday season!

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