Bizarre Trends from New York Fashion Week

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I love New York Fashion Week. Not because it gives me inspiration for beauty trends in the upcoming season, but because it serves as a reminder that fashion and beauty are a state of mind.

Bizarre Trends from New York Fashion Week 2015

If you feel beautiful, chances are you will look beautiful as a result. While some of these looks are hovering around the bizarre end of the spectrum, I can’t help but love them because it encourages a spirit of individuality and personal expression.

Pierced Brows

The makeup for Rodarte’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection was all about understated beauty. The “no makeup” makeup look at its finest. The accessory of choice, however, raised some eyebrows. Literally!

Pierced brows were all the rage in the Spring/Summer collection for Rodarte. This isn’t your mamma’s pierced brow, though. Rodarte’s piercing look featured more than a half dozen rings in each thickly drawn brow.

Animal Print?

Gareth Pugh’s featured gowns of similar cut and style. Many of the gowns shared similar full skirts and empire waistlines, keeping the profile unified and continuous from one gown to the next.

Bold geometric prints made the garments visually striking. But for me, it’s the addition of masks fashioned after buffalo skulls that made this collection so surreal and beautiful.

These gowns may not be designed for a Wednesday afternoon lunch with the ladies, but I’m really struggling to imagine an appropriate time or place for a harlequin buffalo headpiece. Certainly not a safari-themed party.

Urban Safari

Did someone say safari? Trench coats are a design staple that stand the test of the time. Sure there have been a few modifications through the years to modernize the silhouette – think shoulder pads in the 80’s – but the designs that hit the runway for 2015 are about big everything.

Ralph Lauren paired the trench coat with the shirt dress and came up with a coat-inspired gown that is super-gorgeous, but not super-practical.

All or Nothing

The makeup trends for spring and summer 2015, according to New York Fashion Week, featured looks that landed on opposite ends of the makeup spectrum.

The models at the Honor show sported brightly hued, neon eyeliner in bold cat-eyes.

Similarly, the models at Nanette Lepore had similar cat eyes in bright white. The popular lip color of the season is a bright orange, though coral seems to be a more flattering color for most skin tones.

The “no makeup” makeup trend is still going strong. It should come as no surprise that it takes quite a few sheer layers of neutral-toned makeup to accomplish the appearance of a naturally glowing complexion.

Thankfully, there are a ridiculous number of youtube tutorials that instruct women like myself how to look naturally beautiful with the help of a dozen or so cosmetics.

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