6 Quirky Wedding Ideas for Exciting Couples

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A wedding is a celebration of your love in front of all your friends and family. You want your wedding to be an expression of who the two you are as a couple. But what if a traditional wedding just doesn’t suit who you are?

Quirky Wedding Ideas for Exciting Couples

Well, no one said you have to stick with the same traditional wedding as everyone else. Exciting couples can make their wedding stand out and truly reflect their personalities by having a quirky wedding with one of these six ideas.

Or maybe these themed weddings will inspire you to come up with your own quirky idea.

1. Secret Identity Wedding

This quirky wedding masquerades as a traditional wedding, but is secretly geeky. The theme is based on Superman and other superheroes having secret identities.

The wedding party dresses like a typical wedding party at first, but underneath they are hiding Superman shirts and other superhero themed clothes.

Then later, the groomsmen can open their shirts like Clark Kent and display the Superman logo underneath. If you want to surprise your guests with a stealthy quirky wedding, this would be a great theme to have.

2. Vegas Elvis Wedding

The classic unusual wedding is to get hitched in Las Vegas. Couples who want a wedding that isn’t quite standard have been doing it for ages, but now there is another level of quirkiness that can be added to a Vegas wedding.

Elvis Presley impersonators are all the rage in Vegas weddings. Guests to the Elvis wedding chapel in Las Vegas will get a kick out of seeing the King of Rock and Roll escort the bride down the aisle during the ceremony.

Other couples choose to have Elvis be the minister at their wedding. Weddings officiated by Elvis can almost say they were blessed by royalty.

3. Skydiving Wedding

In terms of thrilling weddings, it’s hard to beat a skydiving wedding. It’s much harder to get cold feet at your wedding when the only way to leave is to jump out of a plane.

You may think no one is crazy enough to get married while falling from the sky, but you would be wrong. This couple has done it along with a few others.

It’s definitely a way of ensuring the ceremony is short and sweet, but also gets your adrenaline pumping.

4. Minecraft Wedding

If you and your soon-to-be spouse absolutely love a video game, you could base your whole wedding around it, like this couple did with Minecraft.

Everything in the location is decorated to be in the style of the game, even the bride’s necklace and the groom’s tie. The animals and enemies from the game also make an appearance and are adorable.

Even the cake is in the style of the game. Of course, you can pick your own favorite game as your wedding theme.

5. Underwater Wedding

Another unique wedding idea that will make your wedding guests remember your wedding forever is to have your wedding underwater. How many people can say they’ve been to an underwater wedding?

This is especially popular with couples that scuba dive. Couples that do this certainly get unusual wedding photos with their hair and clothes floating in the water.

6. Halloween Wedding

A Halloween themed wedding can become a real party. Instead of having all the guests dress up in their boring fancy clothes, they can come dressed in Halloween costumes.

This style of wedding is great if you’re interested in the dark and macabre and want to reflect that in your wedding. There’s no end to the spooky treats and decorations you can have with a Halloween wedding.

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