5 Ways to Accessorize Your White Dresses

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This post is guest authored by Cathy Habas

5 Ways to Accessorize your White Dresses

Fall may be upon us again, but that’s no reason to pack away your cute white dresses until spring. In fact, there are many ways you can turn a white summer dress into a comfortable and stylish dress for fall outings.

These style tips can help you refresh your white dresses at any time of the year.

Now’s the time to bust out your jewelry box and dig through your closet. Look for any necklaces, bracelets, belts or scarves that you just can’t seem to pair with any of your other outfits.

Any design or color will look wonderful with a white dress, with one exception: white accessories. White on white isn’t recommended.

Besides, any white accessories you have will be able to complement virtually any other color, so they should get plenty of use. Today is the day for bold experimentation!

1. Add a Touch of Color

How much color you want to add to your overall look is totally up to you. You could go the subtle route and carry a brightly colored purse to accent your white dress. Or, you could wear some funky red heels with red lipstick to match.

In fact, as you consider all of the other accessory ideas, try to choose interesting colors. Sure, you could play it safe with some very soft colors.

But why would you do that when you could combine a rainbow belt with purple bracelets, bright yellow heels and a chunky necklace in red and fire-orange? Give it a whirl!

Of course, if bright colors aren’t your style, you can still create a fun and stylish look with neutral or soft tones from your wardrobe.

How to accessorize your white dresses

2. Wear a Belt

Has this ever happened to you? You’re out shopping and spot a seriously cute belt. It’s got a super unique design and is a bit chunky and bulky … but look at those beads!

You have to have it!

You’re excited to pair it with your favorite jeans, but lo and behold, it doesn’t fit through the belt loops at all. Huh?

What are you supposed to do with your new belt now?

Not to worry! Not every belt is designed to hold your pants up. It’s those designer belts with a beautiful draping tail and intricate tooling or bead work that you’ll want to wear with your cute dress.

Wear the belt over your dress high up on your waist. It will even help to show off your curves by accentuating your natural waist line.

Thin leather belts are also commonly used with dresses or some shirts for a more subtle effect. Scarves can also double up as a belt, as we’ll see below.

Avoid wearing belts that really are intended to hold up trousers, as these typically won’t have the flattering effect that you’re aiming for.

But who knows! Try yours and see what you think.

Cute Accessories for White Dresses

The maxi dress above is the perfect example of a dress that is simple and stylish on its own, but that you could accessorize in many different ways to create a new look every time.

If you need a dress like this, take a closer look at it here.

3. Get Creative With a Silk Scarf or Pashmina

Scarves and pashminas are incredibly versatile and offer the perfect opportunity for you to create a bold new look with your white dresses.

The possibilities are endless: there are dozens and dozens of ways to tie a scarf around your neck, for example.

Pashminas are larger scarves that you can also tie around your shoulders in a variety of ways. And tying them around your waist can give the illusion of a layered skirt.

Depending on how you wear a pashmina, you can achieve an extremely elegant look or a more down-to-earth, out-on-the-town look. If you haven’t already started collecting a variety of pashminas in different colors and styles, get ready to become a hoarder!

The rich, vibrant fabric is seriously addicting.

For now, take a peek at your closet and pull out what you have, and spend some time on YouTube learning how to tie your scarves and pashminas in practically hundreds of different ways.

Your wardrobe will never be the same again.

4. Accent Plain White Dresses With Intricate Jewelry

If your white dress is a simple, straightforward design, you can wear intricate jewelry with ease.

Keep in mind that if your dress is already a luxurious, complex piece of art in itself, adding too much fine jewelry could create a dizzying look.

In that case, it would be better to stick with simple lines on your bracelets and necklaces.

But a plain white dress is the perfect opportunity to show off your jewelry. Mix and match your craziest necklaces with your kookiest bracelets.

Wear that huge stone ring or those exotic earrings. There will never be a better outfit to experiment with your jewelry than a plain white dress.

Accessorize White Dress with Bright Jewelry

5. Wear Layers

Accessorizing your white dress with layers works particularly well if the dress is a casual style to begin with.

You can wear leggings or, in the case of shirt dresses in particular, skinny jeans underneath, for example.

Your legs will stay warm on these cooler fall days, but you’ll still enjoy the bounce of a skirt and the fun neckline of your dress.

You can also wear a crop top over your dress, or even layer another skirt on top. Maybe you love the look of that skirt but haven’t found the right top to go with it.

Why not make one of your white dresses the perfect “top!” If it looks a little odd, you can always tie a scarf or belt around the area where the skirt meets the dress in order to soften the transition a little.

For your shoulders, a sweater, vest or capelet could all look adorable, depending on the style. And don’t forget your ever-adaptable pashmina!

Have Fun!

In reality, there is no better color to wear when you want to show off your new jewelry, purse, hat, heels, scarf or other accessories. White dresses are like a blank canvas, the perfect backdrop for any color or design.

So have fun creating your masterpiece! Mix and match colors, experiment with different necklace, rings, earrings or bracelet combinations, and wear your white dresses well into fall by adding layers of clothing to keep you warm.

Whatever you do, just remember the two most important rules: don’t accent white with white, and have fun!

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