5 Tips for Planning Your First Baby Shower

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Baby showers are a fun way to welcome a new addition to your family, but they can be a headache to set up. Even if you aren’t the one planning your shower (and if you’re the mother, you shouldn’t be!), chances are that whoever is planning the party is going to need your help.

Planning the first baby shower

Here are some tips to keep in mind when getting ready for your first baby shower.

Don’t Pass Up Help

It’s considered good etiquette for a relative or close friend to take up the responsibilities for planning the mother’s baby shower, so if you’re the expectant mother, don’t feel that it’s all up to you to get everything right.

One major point of a baby shower is to let the mother sit back, relax and rake in the gifts! So, don’t be afraid to hand over the reins of planning to another person.

Set Up a Gift Registry

Your guests will have a good idea of what gifts they should bring to the shower, but a gift registry can help both the guests and you. For one, a registry will help prevent repeat gifts, saving embarrassment on both your part and the guests’ parts.

Also, a wishlist lets your guests know what is most important to you, especially if you’ve been eyeing that special stroller. Don’t feel bad about hinting at what you want for the shower; your guests will appreciate the help.

Invite the People you Want

Don’t feel obligated to invite everyone and her neighbor to your shower. Invite as little or as many people you want. This day is all about you, so there’s no need to have people you don’t want there.

Once you’ve picked out your core group, be sure to mail out some personalized baby shower invitations (they’re easy to find at a shop like PaperStyle).

They’re a fun way of not only informing your friends and family of the party but also of reminding them of the upcoming event.

Don’t be Shy

Be prepared for a busy day during which you’ll be center of attention. Expect to take part in some ridiculous games, pose for pictures and talk a lot with your friends and family.

It’ll be fun, but exhausting, so make sure you get some good rest the night before!

Write Thank-You Letters

Along with the baby shower invitations, you should also consider mailing out some thank-you letters to really show your appreciation for the people who showed up.

Be sure to include a personalized note to really express your gratitude. While guests probably aren’t expecting a thank-you note, but it’s the least you can do after being treated like a princess all day.

It’s easy to get stressed when considering your baby shower, but keep in mind that it’s supposed to be a day of fun.

If you’re still unsure of some things you should plan or how you should act in certain situations at your party, ask the mothers around you–there’s a good chance they’ve gone through all the same things before.

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