5 Ways To Use Yogurt as Hair Conditioner

posted by Gurki B on 11 Jun 2014 0 Comments

If you have frizzy, dry and damaged hair like me, everyday is a bad hair day. Some days were more upsetting than others, when I would style my hair one way but it would come out another.

My hairstyling results – totally not I expected. On top of that, my dry itchy and irritating scalp wreaking havoc on my skin and hair.

There used to be days when I would spend hours in hairstyling sections of department stores, checking out the latest frizz free styling products, dreaming about my hair looking like the ones those models wearing them in commercials, so smooth and silky.

It was during my intense research that I found out that the benefits of using yogurt as a conditioner are far too many than I can think of, as opposed to using any commercial products.

Since then, I have kept a list of my recipes for making homemade conditioner using yogurt.

For those of us, who have frizzy and untamed hair and have tried almost everything, I am sharing my recipes and instructions on using natural homemade conditioners made from yogurt. I have tried these and results were unbelievable. My hair is so much in control and has much better volume, shine and body than ever before.

I do not like to chemically treat my hair because I believe they can only damage them more and cannot be long term solution. While yogurt doesn’t really help with “growth” of the hair, it can be used ON the hair, and it works as a good conditioner and to help make the hair smooth and shiny.

Here are five ways you can use to yogurt to condition your hair and make them healthy, silky and shiny.

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